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Duo Tones Salon Company offers an Associate and Education Program; in addition to, hiring seasoned stylists. Read more about our program below and fill out the form provided to apply today!

Summit Salon

Associate + Education Program

For many stylists, it is hard to pick the right job right out of school; or maybe you went somewhere to start, but feel like you could be doing so much more. Well look no further, Duo Tones Salon Company is here to help make those dreams a reality. Here at our company, we offer the equivalent of a masters degree program in the salon industry with our Summit Program. You are probably thinking, "How does this work?". Well it's simple... You will get the privilege of working side by side with a level 4A stylist. This is one of our most demanded stylists within our Company. You will work with them during their shift where you will be guided on the #1 Redken hair color system. You will help with mixing, measuring, and applying color on their guests. After you have soaked in all of the information you need and soared through the program you will then graduate to a Level 1, YAY and way to go!! We do this so you can work on your stage floor comfortably and confidently.


Please note that we do also hire seasoned stylists. We are always looking for new ways to grow and learn within our company. We would love for anyone with the same goals to come and join our fun and passion for education; all while getting the flexibility you want without the headache. We are making sure that the future of the beauty industry stays alive and we are doing so by continuing to learn every single day.


We chose to become a part of the Summit Salon Program, because we believe not only our guests are the most important to us, but so are the people who work with us. 

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We offer the following

benefits package:

  • Paid time off

  • Retirement Account

  • Discount services + products

  • Commission + Bonuses

Guest Services

When looking for a guest service expert we are looking for highly organized candidates with excellent people skills. Guest service representatives are responsible for providing front desk services to guests, undertaking various administrative duties, and diffusing conflict or tension in our salon company, among other duties. The best guest service representatives will have tremendous patience when dealing with guests and accommodate their every need with enthusiasm and poise. At our salon company the guest always comes first and you are the first face they see. Are you the next face of Duo Tones Salon Company? Use the form box provided to apply for guest services with our company.

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